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About Us


I am Manish Singh, the face behind MsAutoVlogs. I hold a graduate degree from Delhi University through correspondence and have further honed my skills by completing a Multimedia and Animation course at Oxford Institute. My professional journey began in 2010 as a Flash Designer at MBD Books.

Over the years, my career has led me towards creative designing and web designing, accumulating over 10 years of valuable experience. When the world faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw an opportunity to connect with others and share my passion through YouTube. Hence, I launched my own channel, @MsAutoVlogs, and began sharing videos with my friends, encouraging them to subscribe.

While my YouTube channel’s growth has been gradual over the past two years, I am not pursuing it for business purposes. With around 10,000 subscribers and without any paid promotions, I take immense joy in creating and sharing content.

Recently, I have also embarked on the journey of managing my website, msautovlogs.com. I handle everything myself, from YouTube content creation, video shooting, audio updates, and editing, to content writing for my blog in Hinglish (Hindi-English mix) and website maintenance, all while managing my regular job.

My life may be packed, but I find happiness in sharing content with all of you. I deeply appreciate your love and support, and I encourage you to share my YouTube channel and blog with your family and friends.

Thank you for being a part of my journey!