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First 10,000 Hness & CB 350 Rs buyers will get 10-year warranty.

Honda CB 350

First 10,000 Hness & CB 350 Rs buyers will get 10-year warranty.

As part of an initial offer, the first 10,000 customers purchasing new vehicles will be automatically enrolled in the Extended Warranty program at no additional cost. This offer is applicable to the first 10,000 new customers of H’ness CB350 and CB350RS starting from August 8, 2023, on a first-come, first-served basis. This groundbreaking initiative not only transforms the premium segment but also establishes a new industry standard, ensuring unparalleled benefits and providing customers with complete peace of mind.

Customers have the opportunity to opt for the ‘Extended Warranty Plus’ within a flexible timeframe ranging from 91 days to the 9th year from the vehicle’s purchase date. This program offers a comprehensive 10-year warranty coverage along with transferable renewal options, even in the case of ownership change. Committed to delivering a cost-effective ownership experience, the program promotes vehicle longevity through regular maintenance, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

At the core of the ‘Extended Warranty Plus’ program lies extensive coverage, protecting vital high-value engine components, as well as crucial mechanical and electrical parts. Providing choice and flexibility, the program offers three tailored options: a 3-year policy for vehicles up to their 7th year, a 2-year policy for vehicles in their 8th year, and a 1-year policy for those in their 9th year. These options extend coverage for all H’ness and CB350RS motorcycles up to a distance of 1,30,000 kilometers.

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