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GST (Good and Service Tax) on Vehicles in India

GST on vehicles

GST (Good and Service Tax) on Vehicles in India

Vehicle Category GST Compensation Cess Total Tax Payable
Electric Vehicles5%NIL5%
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles12%NIL12%
Three Wheeled Vehicles28%NIL28%
Two-Wheelers upto 350cc Engine28%NIL28%
Two-Wheelers above 350cc Engine28%3%31%
Passenger Vehicles
(Petrol, CNG, LPG) Upto 4m in length and
Upto 1200cc engine
Passenger Vehicles (Diesel)
Upto 4m in Length and Upto 1500cc engine
Passenger Vehicles (Upto 1500cc engine)28%17%45%
Passenger Vehicles (Above 1500cc engine)28%20%48%
Passenger Vehicles popularly known as SUVs
(Above 4m in length, above >1500cc engine
& >170 mm Ground Clearance)
Hybrid Passenger Vehicles
(upto 4m and upto 1200 cc engine Petrol) or 
(upto 4m and upto 1500 cc engine Diesel)
Hybrid Passenger Vehicles
(Above 4m or above 1200 cc engine Petrol or above 1500 cc engine Diesel)
Public Transport Vehicles: 10 – 13-seater28%15%43%
Public Transport Vehicles > 13-seater and Commercial Goods Vehicles28%NIL28%
Goods and Services Tax (GST) rates applicable for vehicles as of May 3rd, 2023, according to SIAM data.

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