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Honda CB 350 RS Hue Edition!!

Honda CB 350RS

Honda CB 350 RS Hue Edition!!

Honda has just introduced the all-new Hue Editions for the cb350 rs, showcasing a striking dual-tone color scheme. This vibrant upgrade offers two exciting color options: Sports Red and Blue Metallic.

With the introduction of these new colors, there’s a price variation of Rs. 1,500 compared to the standard 350RS model. The Ex-showroom price in Delhi is set at Rs. 2,19,357, and the On-Road Price totals Rs. 2,53,000. Honda has earned a reputation for its exceptional engine refinement. Additionally, it offers a 10-year warranty, signifying a lasting commitment to trust and quality. The bike itself boasts impressive features, and you have the option to personalize your honda cb 350 rs with a range of exciting accessories.

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