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Suzuki Access 125 Visor & Chrome Kit @ INR 2000

Suzuki Access 125 Visor & Chrome Kit @ INR 2000

Introducing the special suzuki access 125 chrome kit an exclusive accessory designed for the access 125 scooter. This kit not only enhances the scooter’s appearance but also adds a touch of retro style, complemented by the latest digital features.

The kit includes the following components:

  1. Front bumper chrome piece
  2. U-shaped chrome accent for the front of the scooter
  3. Chrome pieces for both sides of the scooter’s front.
  4. Rear chrome pieces placed near the Access 125 logo
  5. A visor that reduce the wind blast.

Being developed by Suzuki, the chrome kit boasts limited chances of rusting, ensuring its longevity. The entire kit is meticulously designed to fit the Suzuki Access 125 perfectly. Priced at INR 2000 in Delhi, this accessory promises to elevate your scooter’s style and functionality. For more information, reach out to your nearest showroom, or watch our video showcasing the product in action.

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