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What does the term flex fuel means?

Flex Fuel E-85

What does the term flex fuel means?

Flex fuel in a vehicle refers to a scenario where the mixture of petrol and ethanol exceeds 20%. Toyota has introduced India’s inaugural toyota flex fuel car, the e85 vehicles, designed to seamlessly function with ethanol-petrol blends. This innovative engine has the capability to operate within an ethanol blending spectrum of 51% to 83%.

Marking a pioneering step in India, this vehicle follows the prior launch of E20 fuel-based cars in the country. Promising enhanced mileage and performance, the E-85 engine also contributes to environmental preservation by curbing emissions.

In the coming times, e85 fuel is poised to emerge as a new market trend for vehicles, characterized by reduced emissions and a cost-effective blend of ethanol and petrol. This fuel variant not only brings down the expenses related to petrol blending but also promises improved vehicle performance.

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